Demand for solar panels heats up in Powell River

Demand for solar heats up in Powell River Powell River’s screen market is heating up outside of city limits from those looking to go off the grid, But so far demand is not because of residents within the city. „We don’t see quite a few adding solar to their houses in the city, Said local industrial designer and project manager CaroleAnn Leishman, Also a capital of scotland- Powell River councillor. Demand is coming from the number of individuals who own recreational property around Powell River’s lakes and islands, Or people who just love property in areas not serviced by BC Hydro’s power grid, Said Powell River cell designer and installer Ryan Albury. For Albury’s business organisation, Many of the the jobs it takes are for people living on Savary Island or other places not serviced by the grid, He explained. He has been working on the markets for the past six years and has taken jobs all over the coast. Solar power panels capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. They do not need direct sunlight to work and electricity generated can be converted to power household appliance and lighting seahawks jersey. Systems are added to houses already connected with grid power and can act as emergency backup power. Systems are also installed on homes not attached to the grid and can be used, In partnership with battery banks and generators, To give you the home’s power. Only about 400 BC Hydro customers in the province have enrolled in the public utility’s net metering program doug baldwin jersey, Allowing customers to put power back on the grid during periods of low need. Few of the newly constructed homes being built in Powell River include solar in their designs, Says Leishman. That situation has been evolving on Vancouver Island, She referred to, Where local authorities, Such as capital of scotland- Comox, Are requiring companies to build to third party green certificates standards. Some of the provisions include framing houses so they are ready to be set up with sections. Leishman said she supports the idea of municipal governments taking a larger role in encouraging contractors to build to higher eco standards. Numerous companies designing and selling solar panel installations in Powell River has grown recently cheap richard sherman jersey, Including a company owned by Powell River businessperson and mayor Dave Formosa that specializes in outfitting motorhomes and cabins with solar power. Albury said he knows of four others locally that do installations. In speaking with his clients, Albury said that may be of reasons people choose to put the panels up, Environmentally friendly being primary. „The whole green movement is a nice big one for people, He was quoted saying. „Reduction is always the way to help air, If that’s what you’re really trying to do, Much like early adopters of electric vehicles, Up to now solar power has been a specialized niche for only the wealthiest Canadians cliff avril jersey. Like all early adopters who bear the larger costs, The sector does adapt and prices come down. Doing 1998, Installed household sections cost $11 per watt, But by last year the exact quantity had dropped to between $3.50 and $4 per w, To be able to BC Sustainable Energy Association(BCSEA). „When I began a 175 watt solar panel would cost $1,500, Referred to Albury. „Now you can acquire a 250 watt solar panel for $250, Despite losing costs, The technology still has not found mainstream appeal because of initial setup costs. Depending on BCSEA, A solar panel system that could provide almost half of the house’s power needs, Dealing with 10,000 kilowatt hours of a source of your electric energy annually, You spend about $16,000. With energy savings of roughly $550 annually, It could take a lot greater than 15 years, With rising digicam costs, For the system to spend itself. That dilemma is an activity Leishman, As an urban area politician, Should tackle. „I would like to put a program together where we can loan money to homeowners to do energy efficiency upgrades to the home, She wanted to say. Rather than the loan being with the homeowner, The loan stays with the property and is paid back over months, Says Leishman. Over the lifetime of your home these energy efficiency measures pay off, She built in. While there was active discussion on the idea going back as far as 2004, The BC government has not moved to make the alterations. Nova Scotia has while. Between March 2013 and feb 2015, Capital of scotland – Halifax ran an $8.3 million solar warm water pilot program with 300 homes in the city. That program netted the area a 10,500 tonne cut in carbon. „They found household were breaking even, Saving on their bills, So the loan terms was a wash, Agreed Leishman. „It makes sense, Leishman said she and other Powell River councillors made that could indicat the province when they were asking for comments on their climate leadership plan this winter.

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